Experience the magic of Plitvice Lakes.

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Holiday accommodation

8 modern, spacious, comfortable rooms and suites are offered. Every accommodation is with forest view, some with own terrace.


Homemade cuisine

Villa Lika is also offering restaurant  just for Villa Lika guests.

The restaurant serves traditional Croatian gourmet cuisine. The meals are prepared from fresh food grown in own garden or locally.


Discover Plitvice Lakes

The National Park Plitvička jezera (Plitvice Lakes) is the oldest Croatian national park. It is known for its magnificent travertine waterfalls which create clear lakes in a constant biodynamic process of travertine creation. As a result of that process, a series of 16 cascade-lined larger and several smaller lakes, which are the most picturesque part of this Park, was created.

Plitvice Lakes

Villa Lika

Villa Lika is situated at the heart of national park Plitvice Lakes in the village Mukinje. The property is located 2km from the entrance to National Park. Conveniently located near ski trucks in winter or hiking in summer months.

Villa Lika